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Son gives speech during dad’s last flight

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Wholesome speech by son on his dad's last flight as a pilot

Son dad pilots

Son of pilot gives wholesome speech on his last flight, adorable moment now going viral online.

Lovely speech by a son on his father’s last flight as a pilot.

Good morning , ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard United flight 554 service Los Angeles – My name is Daniel and I’m the captain for United Express. I’d like to take a moment to introduced the captain of this flight. Keithi Lan.

Keith is my dad, actually. We’ve always shared flying together from at a very early age. In fact to highlight how young I was, I needed to arrive at the airport, I want going to drive yet. I made up m mind back then to be in his retirement flight and 16 years later- — We get to Los Angeles that will set the parking break for the last time in 32 years in service, I’m here with him. Id like to thank all the employees who have specialized over the years.. are dear to him.. and finally id like to thank you the passengers , not just on this flight, the millions of passengers, my dad has flown all around the world, thank you you made this moment possible for us, congratulations.

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