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Meet Abby: @alongcameabby

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Cutest TikToks

Along Came Abby

Have you met Abby yet?

This little soon-to-be superstar is charming the TikTok world with her creative and adorable imagination.

Where does she come up with these stuff?

Just a family having fun.

Here are some of Abby’s recent viral clips

My room is trashed

I¡m just hanging out. You are just hanging out?
Is this your spot to hang out?
My room is trashed.
It is?
I just have a small skinny part.
So, like, right now this is my playroom.

That’ cool, it’s a nice sunny playroom.
Did you know that I just moved this part so I could play more?

Who trashed your room?

That wasn’t me.

The prince is not a bad guy

Abby describes the movie Ella Enchanted.

So Mermaid

Oh you forgot.. Ok.
What do you do?

Well, I go to the aquarium, get my mermaid dress, get my mermaid skin on and go in one of the tanks and then people realize why they want to go to the aquarium so much, because they saw a mermaid.

So you are a paid mermaid?

Yeah, I get paid.

Do you get paid a lot?


How much?

starts reading..

Sorry, was that too personal?

Yeah, no

Just do what you do

Abby giving life advice.

I’ll say just.. Just follow the.. Just do what you do.. Don’t let someone else take over you.
It’s different, see. Different.
Just try not to think what they’re saying and just do what you do.

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