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Adorable girl jokes with Kermit the frog

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Cute adorable & wholesome TV moment - Kermit and girl

Adorable TV Moments

The sweetest girl is interacting with Kermit for Sesame’s Street, on this clip which we are not sure it aired or if it was part of the bloopers. A truly wholesome whole-hearted interaction caught on camera and now going viral.

Kermit and a sweet girl sing the ABC together, but she keeps interrupting him saying “cookie monster” followed by a genuine adorable laugh.

This is the sweetest unscripted thing that sesame street has ever done.

When he left the screen and she said “I love you” so he came back to say “I love you too”. Yeah that made me tear up, I can’t lie.

And how kids, when interacting with them, look at the puppet, not the puppeteer.

That’s amazing, it shows how much these characters mean to kids and how well the puppeteers do their jobs. There is a documentary called Street Gang that goes into allot

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