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Inviting a stranger grandpa to Disney

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Inviting strangers to Disney, random grandpa

Wholesome Moments

Gone viral

Want to go to Disney? Who doesn’t!?

But, would you go to Disney with a stranger? Yeah, that’s what just happened on the video adorable viral video below.

Disneyland is the most magical place in the world, at least is what many of us agree on.

Grandpa goes to Disneyland after 50 years, with a stranger

Someone on TikTok decided to invite random straight angers to Disneyland and found this sweet grandpa randomly who said “sure”. After 50 years of not being to Disneyland, both had a wholesome memorable moment that has now gone viral.

Asking strangers if they will go to Disneyland with me…

I’m sorry to bother you, I had a really really rough day. I was wanting to see if you would go to Disneyland today with me. Hey! That’s great. you would really take me?

My gosh! I can’t believe this.

Inviting a grandpa to Disneyland

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